The Highlands Sessions

by Nowhere Fast

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released February 6, 2010

Recorded by Ben Andrews in Louisville, KY for Ben Andrews Recording
Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Egerton for Armstrong Recording in Tulsa, Oklahoma
All songs written by Nowhere Fast
Lyrics by Seth Robinson



all rights reserved


Nowhere Fast Louisville, Kentucky

Nowhere Fast create dark, energized, and passionate rock that flourishes from their beloved and unmistakable roots in melodic punk rock. For more than a decade, the band has toured North America with indelible fervor and a restless spirit.

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Track Name: Rock 'N Roll Heart
It's another hell filled night
And I've got a date with my broken heart
Down at the rock 'n roll show
The bands kicking up a tune
That will soon help me get over you
And this much is true

Cause you don't understand my rock 'n roll heart
And I will eventually find away
To make it through this emotional struggle

Moving on each day
I could run forever
But then music wouldn't have much to say
I'm gonna kick my song in gear
And learn what I lost from you this year
This is my fear

(Chorus Repeat)
Track Name: Blind Shot
Say hello to these fierce winds of change
Slipping into melancholy
I watch these weary souls decline in their broken dreams

And as the darkest hour
Comes a rolling in
Screaming its bad intentions
We are reminded of these days old
Plagued with dead heros

Breathe in
Suffocating this pain that crawls within
Breathe out
embracing these somber reflections unafraid

Say hello to this shot in the dark
Blinded by intoxicated lies
This murder bleeds a different shade of truth

The dust slowly settles in the back of our minds
As this calamity, it becomes a chapter in time
So we down another drink for three
to numb the pain
As we see your finger on this trigger
Shameless crime
Track Name: Next To Nothing
So long
I stood at your door in disbelief
And I wonder what went wrong
I ask myself everyday
Nothing saved
Still no friendship
And I don't know if I can fight this one to the grave

So Long
Went for a drive to kill some time
And I wound up crying
Hands in my pockets and my head held low
No control as I going on thinking of us
And I'm ripping my insides outWhy did this faith slip away

No more late night letters with early morning cards to lay upon my bed
Sincerely signing off and saying their prays
I'm sorry for a gift I could no longer give
Love, trust, and seurity
Love is no book of mine and friendship seems so hard to find
I'm standing next to nothing
Leaning on this agony
Envisioning a path to self-destruction

Next to nothing
Track Name: Longest Avenue
Tell me where you have gone
Tell me where we went wrong
Because I cannot find a closer one

Because these eyes now
They cry so loud
And I don't want this to fade
Lonely walks on this avenue aren't safe
The epitaph shall read
A broken heart ripped out from the one you used to trust

Tell me where you have gone
Tell me where we went wrong
Because I cannot find a closer one

Because I still sit
Remembering those New Jersey dreams
A smile it used to bring
Not just the screams
Nightmares in these four closed walls
Burying me in this moonlight
Like this time last year
We were fine

And all of the lights hung down so low
And everything we did was for only you
And I can now find the one thing wrong
To curse our utopia so strong
To go under in these unknown stars
Moon lit tears and these crowded bars
So, tell me please angel
You never meant a word that you said
A promise ring shoved in the back of a drawer
The diamonds don't shine for me anymore
And I don't need the city of angels

Alone I awake
Teary eyed and this is not for me
Despairity from your treachery
Holds me down and I can be
Nostalgic in my misery